Updated: Moving closer to North Korea

1 12 2011

A couple of times in the past PPT has used a loose analogy between royalist Thailand and North Korea. The analogy essentially has to do with a cult of personality around the family at the apex of the political elite in each country.

Reading the post at New Mandala on the outspoken deputy spokesperson for the Democrat Party, the increasingly notorious Mallika Boonmetrakul, we have to admit that the analogy can be taken a little further.

The Democrat Party attracts some pretty nasty authoritarian types, and Mallika seems to be one of them, with Pavin Chachavalpongpun saying she:

has rushed out to collect political points in the aftermath of the lèse-majesté case in which … Amphon “Akong” Thangnoppakun…. Mallika proposed that in order to curb anti-monarchy elements, she would request the government to seek cooperation with those of other countries to close down websites that allow anti-monarchy messages. In extreme case, she wants the Yingluck Shinawatra government to totally close down all social networking sites, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, citing that the Chinese government has successfully implemented restrictions on these websites.

We were more stunned by the comments appended to the post such as these:

1) TR @MallikaBoon “Welcome little 11-yr-old cyber warriors. Here come the youth with strength of the heart. Spend no more than 3 hour a day on the Net, alright?” Original tweet: http://t.co/vmlYH5fL (she has deleted this tweet following swift criticisms on using 11 year olds in inappropriate work -> see next TR)

2) TR @MallikaBoon “Change from playing [computer] games to surfing the Net, and help reporting illegal websites, including [national] security, porn, gambling, drugs & insulting the institution. Get moving.” Original tweet: http://t.co/phKdA1WI

Maybe these little ones can be made official junior royalists, with yellow scarves and bright eyes, and not just spy for the royalists but march in big orchestrated parades and shout their loyalty in unison. How much worse is this going to get? How much more ridiculous is the Democrat Party to become?

Update: Read more about this story here, where the North Korea analogy is also used and where this outburst from a person in the so-called Democrat Party is described as providing “the voice of extremism [that] speak[s] to us loud and clear in public.”

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