Washington Post and Asia Times on Thailand’s Right-wing Govt; Asia Sentinel on lèse majesté; a crisis for human rights groups in Thailand

30 01 2009

Tim Johnston comments on the coming together of human rights issues, the military and the Democrat premier in the Washington Post, 30 January 2009: “New Thai Premier Seen as Leaning Right; Reformists Worry”

Shawn W. Crispin examines the right wing slide, the role of the military and succession issues at Asia Times Online, 29 January 2009: “Abhisit’s conservative stripes”

Hong Kong-based Asia Sentinel on lèse majesté, 28 January 2009: “A cat can’t look at a queen”

Human rights groups in Thailand seem to have taken sides politically, according to The Nation, 28 January 2008: “Human rights defenders split into yellow and red camps”



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