Giles Ungpakorn at New Mandala; Amnesty International’s silence; Harry Nicolaides; and the royalist “can of worms”

20 02 2009

New Mandala has just posted the first half of a wide-ranging interview with Giles Ji Ungpakorn. Giles is asked about his book A coup for the rich, his flight to England, lèse majesté and the role of the king in Thai society. New Mandala promises that the second part of the interview will be published in a few days and will ask Giles about Thaksin, the red-shirt movement and the People’s Alliance for Democracy, along with more personal reflections on academic work and his family history. New Mandala, 20 February 2009: “Special interview: Giles Ungpakorn, Part 1”.

At Bangkok Pundit, there is more debate and speculation regarding Amnesty International’s silence on lèse majesté, 20 February 2009: “Amnesty International and Lese Majeste” and Frank G. Anderson discusses the political ramifications of PAD’s royalism, UPI, 20 February 2009: “Opening a can of Thai worms”.

Meanwhile, there is a story on Harry Nicolaides at the Australian, 20 February 2009: “Less Majesty, More Justice”. In this case, one might also speculate on the silence of the Australian government.



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26 03 2009
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