Thai Netizen Network, recently redesigned website of interest for those concerned with free speech and human rights in Thailand

20 02 2009

The site of the Thai Netizen Network/เครือข่ายพลเมืองเน็ต has been recently redesigned and we at PPT wish to urge you to explore the contents of this important site.  The Thai Netizen Network (TNN) is concerned with tracking net censorship, preserving free speech, and restoring human rights in Thailand. According to their site, the TNN is a network of individuals and groups committed to working to create national policy to guarantee cyber-liberty, including netizens’ rights and freedom of online media.  With this frame, the TNN identifies five primary points, unofficially translated by PPT as follows: 1) The right to access information, news and opinions; 2) The right to express thoughts, opinions, and feelings about society, politics, economy, culture, etc.; 3) The right to autonomy and protection from state and other surveillance; 4) The responsibility of the online community to self-regulate — not to censor but to create clarity and to demarcate the line between free media and computer crime; and 5) Equal and shared ownership of public property, no economic monopolization.



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