Spectator on Old School Thais

26 02 2009

Eric Ellis has an interesting story on the Democrat minister Korn Chatikavanij, his elite and royal heritage and connections in the Spectator, 25 February 2009: “The return of the old-school Thais”. Ellis observes, “Today, Bangkok swirls with rumours of republican plots. It all makes strident royalists feel that Thais must act against any perceived threat, local or foreign, to the established order. The BBC’s Thai correspondent Jonathan Head has been accused thrice of lèse majesté, and a dozen prominent people have been thrown in jail for supposedly offending the palace. All this intrigue distresses business; in two weeks of interviews with Bangkok diplomats, academics, bankers and business people, rare were those who would discuss the monarchy and the implications for Thailand with frankness, and only then when deeply off the record. But the monarchy’s future is of paramount concern for foreign investors, anxious about further instability now that they’ve seen how it can directly impact their bottom line.”



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8 12 2020
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