The military and lèse majesté and Thailand’s thought police

8 03 2009

The Canberra Times (7 March 2009: “Generals keep their hands on levers of power”) has an interesting report on the increased plitical role of the military and their royalist activities. The report claims that there are 117 Thais facing lèse majesté charges. PPT wonders if this is an error as the usual number cited is 17 and PPT lists 13 of the known cases.

Meanwhile, Marwaan Macan-Markar at IPS (8 March 2009: “Police Target Websites Unflattering to Royalty”) reports “As if the country’s draconian lese-majeste laws are not harsh enough, Thailand’s thought police have another weapon, the computer crimes law, to curtail the space for free expression.” He discusses the recent crackdown at Prachatai, the use of the computer crimes law and lèse majesté.



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