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7 04 2009

Former ally of Thaksin Shinawatra and recent convert to the Democrat Party-led coalition government and Buriram “influential person” Newin Chidchob has made an emotional appeal to Thaksin (The Nation, 7 April 2009: “DEFINING BETRAYAL – Newin to Thaksin: Tell your men to stop hurting the monarchy”).

Newin, apolitical fixer and a banned politician formerly with the Thai Rak Thai Party has called on UDD/red shirt supporters to: “Please think twice, …. You all are being used. Your leaders have hidden agenda beyond what they told you, beyond ousting this government…”.

The Nation continues that, “Newin’s voice was choked with emotion when he said he was ready to die for the monarchy and would do anything to fight those who wanted to destroy the monarchy.” He called on Thaksin to stop his supporters attacking the monarchy.

Meanwhile, in a claim that has resonance with an alleged plot to assassinate Thaksin prior to the 2006 coup, it is now said that a privy councilor has been the subject of an assassination plot (The Nation, 7 April 2009: “Police investigating a plot to kill a privy councillor”).

Newin denied he was operating on the instructions of Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanond.

Chanchai Likhitjitthais was the alleged target and police are reported to be “trying to uncover the masterminds behind the contract, suspected to be a group of military officers who wanted to instigate trouble ahead of the April 8 rally by the red shirts.”

It is unclear why military officers would be doing this unless, perhaps, they are fomenting a revolt or a coup. However, the Supreme Commander General Songkitti Chakkrabat has reaffirmed that the military would not stage another coup (Bangkok Post, 7 April 2009: “Songkitti predicts a peaceful rally”).



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16 04 2009
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