Continuing the use of lèse majesté – another charge

18 04 2009

Prachatai (18 April: 2009: “Woman arrested for photocopying offensive leaflets in Nakhon Ratchasima”) reports that Thossaporn Ruethaiprasertsung, aged 48, has been arrested at a photocopying shop in Nakhon Ratchasima, “with several leaflets whose contents reportedly were offensive to the monarchy and the Privy Council.”

Of course, despite what this report implies, insulting the Privy Council is not against the law.

Thossaporn claimed she found the leaflets. She said she “picked up some to read, and found they were about the monarchy. She brought them to the market and wanted to share with friends, so she went to the shop just to make copies, with no other intent.”

The police charged her under Article 112 of Criminal Code with lèse majesté and despatched a team to find the source of the leaflets.

The Matichon report, which is the source, is here: ตร.รวบสาวใหญ่โคราช ถ่ายสำเนาเอกสาร “หมิ่นสถาบัน”



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