Beating the communist drum

28 04 2009

Yesterday PPT reported on Chamlong Srimuang and his various comments on recent events. In that interview, the spectre of communism was raised. That was not the first time that communism has been discussed in recent political debates, with a link drawn between red shirts and the defunct Communist Party of Thailand (CPT) and other ideas about communism.

Now Abhisit Vejjajviva, Democrat Party leader and prime minister, has discussed communism in Thailand (Bangkok Post, 28 April 2009: “PM: Communism exists”). Referring to a National Intelligence Coordinating Centre report, Abhisit reportedly claimed that “there is a communist movement in the country, but believes the general public would reject it.” He said this movement was “conducting illegal political activities similar to the dissolved … CPT…”. He seemed to link these ideas and the movement to the red shirts

Given that so many former CPT people have supported PAD and been on its stage, this claim might seem somewhat odd. In this context, Ji Ungpakorn’s recent note on NGOs and PAD deserves some attention. However, it is apparent that Abhisit and Chamlong (and presumably the grey-haired intelligence gurus) link communism and what they view as anti-monarchy movements.

30101559-01Update: When 18 “non-core” UDD members surrendered to police on various charges, Surachai Danwattananusorn, reported to be a former member of the  Communist Party of Thailand, also turned himself in. He dressed in communist party-like garb. Surachai is also said to be charged with lèse majesté. The photo is from The Nation’s report on the surrender. Grey-haired intelligence agents in search of grey-haired communists?



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28 04 2009
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