SEAPA and TJA statement for World Press Freedom Day

6 05 2009

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, 3 May 2009, the Southeast Asian Press Alliance, the Thai Journalist Association, and many other Thai media organizations called for press freedom in the service of reducing violence in Thailand. They call for action to respect press freedom from the government, the media, politicians and the public. Of particular interest, they make the following request of the public:

The public must be considerate in receiving news and information and be open-minded to listen to difference views of the media outlets. They should exercise great caution in receiving information from the media especially those used as tools by political groups, and those issuing biased and prejudiced reports, with the intention of creating rifts and instigate the use of violence in resolving conflicts.”

Read the entire statement here, 5 May 2009, “SEAPA Statement: Government should respect press freedom; media must uphold fairness and accuracy”



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