More on Tak Bai

3 06 2009

A few days ago, PPT posted Ji Ungpakorn’s comments on the recent Tak Bai verdict that there was no evidence of state wrongdoing.  PPT also suggests Bangkok Pundit’s smart analysis of the verdict and coverage of it, which can be found here:  3 June 2009, “Tak Bai, Court Decision, the Media, and Emergency Law”

Thanks to Bangkok Pundit for posting a link to the full court decision, which can be found here.

PPT remains disgusted at the failure to hold those responsible for the deaths of those at Tak Bai fully accountable.  While this  blog began in order to collect the information about the lesè majesté cases in one place, we see commenting on Tak Bai and other issues of state repression as deeply connected. Making the links between different kinds of repression  is needed in order to illuminate the current human rights crisis in Thailand.



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