Prachatai’s interview with ‘Da Torpedo’s’ lawyer

22 06 2009

Prachatai recently conducted an interview with Daranee Charncherngsilpakul’s, known popularly as ‘Da Torpedo,’ lawyer.  Daranee has been held in prison without bail since 22 July 2008. Her first court appearance is set for tomorrow, 23 June 2009.  She alleged committed lesè majesté during protests against the PAD in 2008.

Daranee’s lawyer, Prawase Praphanukul, told Prachatai that he thinks the cases against her are political, rather than criminal.

PPT highly recommends the entire Prachatai interview. Read it in English here: 22 June 2009, “Talk with Da Torpedo’s lawyer” and ภาษาไทย, “สัมภาษณ์ทนาย ‘ดา ตอร์ปิโด’ ก่อนขึ้นศาล: ชะตากรรมคนถูกขังยาว และคำถามถึง ‘คนเสื้อแดง’”

For background on Daranee’s case, please see PPT’s compilation of reports here.