Critique of Monarchy, circa 1978

16 07 2009

A few months ago, PPT posted an article by Phuu Phaakphum about the Thai monarchy (You can find the first article in our Commentary section, under Lèse Majesté and Monarchy). Today we bring you another article by Phuu about the royal family, capital, culture, and secrecy.

Published in a Japanese leftist magazine in 1978, the article closes with the statement that “In the near future, the Royal family’s movements will be definitely inscribed in the history of the working class for their descendants to study.”

The article combines research and analysis in a provocative manner.  The article was likely thought-provoking in 1978, and remains  so in the present political context.

Read the article here: Phuu Phaakphum, Ampo (Japan-Asia Quarterly Review), Volume 10, Numbers 1-2, 1978, “The Ninth King: A Tale of Palace Intrigue in Modern Thailand”



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