Readers tell us what we missed

17 07 2009

A couple of readers have suggested that we missed some interesting titbits in recent days, so we’ll mention them here for other readers who might like to follow up.

The first reader pointed out a story in the Bangkok Post (13 July 2009: “Fields of battle”), which is about fears that foreigners will be buying up or leasing Thailand’s agricultural land. What caught our reader’s attention was this: “About 1,000 Thai families currently hold … 400,000-500,000 rai each…”. If this is correct, that’s a lot of land, and our reader wonders who the other 999 might be.

The second reader pointed to a story in The Nation (13 July 2009: “Abhisit accuses opponents of using devious tactics”). What was the “devious tactic?” A few red shirts wanted to protest Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s visit to Buriram and somehow Abhisit came to the conclusion that this was “undemocratic.” It is clear that Abhisit has ditched all the reconciliation rhetoric.

The reader asks what it is called when protestors are surrounded and prevented from moving by Newin Chidchob’s hired blue shirts?



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