Some good news for Da Torpedo

28 07 2009

On the front page of the Nation online (28 July 2009) it is reported, with a photo, that on Tuesday the Criminal Court has acquitted Darunee Charnchoensilpakul of charges of instigating unrest in the country. However she was fined Bt50,000 on defamation suit.

The acquittal relates to her involvement in a demonstration at Sondhi Limthongkul’s ASTV, while the defamation relates to Sonthi as well. She does not have to pay the fine as she has served time in jail already (see below).

Her trial for lese majeste continues.


Prachatai has further information here: 28 July 2009, “Court finds Da Torpedo 50,000 baht for insulting Sondhi Limthongkul” and ภาษาไทย, “ศาลยกฟ้อง ‘ดา ตอร์ปิโด’ บุกเอเอสทีวี แต่หมิ่น ‘สนธิ’ ปรับ 5 หมื่น”

Matichon/มติชน has posted further analysis, including a photo, here: “ดา ตอร์ปิโด รอดคุก ศาลปรับ 5 หมื่น ข้อหาหมิ่นประมาท หลักฐาน-พยาน ไม่พอชี้ชัดนำทีมปิดเอเอสทีวี” [Thanks to a reader for alerting us to this article]



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