Privy councilor on the attack again?

6 08 2009

A brief report in the Bangkok Post (5 August 2009: “Noppadon:Thaksin not hiding B1.8bn”) has Thaksin Shinawatra lawyer Noppadon Pattama refuting an allegation by Privy Councilor General Pichitr Kullavanijaya that Thaksin had laundered 1.8 billion baht through an island tax haven.”

PPT is not sure if this is a new allegation, a repeat of the claim Pichitr made in early April or a response to that April claim. If any reader can enlighten us, we’d be grateful.

In this current report, “Noppadon challenged Gen Phichit to submit evidence supporting the money laundering allegation to the Department of Special Investigation for legal action.”



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