New: Jakrapob on the struggle for democracy and against the aristocracy

18 08 2009

Prachatai (19 August 2009: “Jakrapob on Democracy movement leaders”) has a story with some translation of a column by Jakrapob Penkair on the struggle for democracy. He says: “The incidents of 14 Oct 1973, 6 Oct 1976, and May 1992 are struggles for Democracy within a framework of Aristocracy, but from 2006 until present it has been the first ever fight between Democracy and Aristocracy.”

Jakrapob is critical of the UDD leadership as he provides a revisionist account of 1992’s Black May but is especially critical of the role of (now PAD leader) and central figure in May 1992 events, Chamlong Srimuang: “the May 92 incident was not an encounter between the conservative elite and the people as is happening today, but a conflict among the conservative elite’s own minions who dragged the people in between their battle lines.”



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