New: Phum Jai Thai’s amnesty proposal

19 08 2009

While PPT doesn’t see the proposal going very far, the Bangkok Post (19 August 2009: “Bhumjaithai seeks broad amnesty bill”) report on the Phum Jai Thai Party proposal for an amnesty “for an amnesty for all yellow shirt and red shirt demonstrators as a way to ease political tensions” is an interesting development at this conjuncture, especially as Phum Jai Thai doesn’t appear to have any great confidence that their proposal would be welcome.

Bangkok Pundit has some musings on the implications and timing.

Phum Jai Thai leader Chavarat Charnvirakul said the party would propose an amnesty bill to clear all charges brought for actions taken during rallies. That would benefit the People’s Alliance for Democracy’s for its rallies from 26 May to 3 December 2008 and red shirt/United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship demonstrations from 26 March  to 14 April 2009. It would also apply to police and military officers and others involved in other capacities with the demonstrations. Of course, this would not extend to those accused of lese majeste or the banning of politicians through party dissolutions.

PAD coordinator secretary-general of the New Politics Party, Suriyasai Katasila, immediately rejected it because it would “allow authorities in charge of the Oct 7 crackdown, in which two people died at parliament during a police action to clear protesters, to walk free.”

Recall that one of these deaths was a PAD member who blew himself up in a car bomb.

Suriyasai added: “We must respect the law and the wrongdoers must be prosecuted. PAD never negotiates. We trust the justice system…”. And why wouldn’t they trust a system that has yet to make any major decision that is anti-PAD?



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