Agents provocateurs from Buriram?

30 08 2009

The Bangkok Post (30 August 2009: “Puea Thai wants security law lifted”) reports on the opposition Puea Thai Party calling for the ISA to be lifted in Bangkok.  According to the PTP spokesman, “the red-shirt group had put off its mass protest after it received a report about a group of people from Buri Ram province who may instigate violence if the rally took place.” Sounding like the PTP believes that a Pattaya-like provocation was in the works.



One response

14 09 2009
Elite twittering and a Facebook revolution « Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] by the red shirts. To date, there are no reports of “third hands,” blue shirts or agents provocateurs from Buriram. But the “acting spokesman” has his reasons for  suspicion: ” Thaksin, knowing […]

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