Weekend reading on media and academic freedom

11 09 2009

As regular readers know, we sometimes try for a humorous piece on weekends. But this week has seen considerable humor from Stephen B. Young and The Nation, so we opt for a little more serious – but still short – reading this weekend.

Our recommendation is from Britain’s Telegraph (6 September 2009: “Don’t blame Silvio Berlusconi, says Umberto Eco, it’s the fault of all Italians”). Umberto Eco is a well-known philosopher and literary critic and the author of several acclaimed novels.

We are grateful to New Mandala correspondent “Les Abbey” for the link.

Of course, comparisons between Thaksin Shinawatra and Berlusconi were common in the past. At the same time, Eco’s comments can be applied to the current royalist regime that is tramping a similar path to authoritarian politics.



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11 09 2009
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