Abhisit on a coup

13 09 2009

PPT posted earlier on three statements regarding the possibility of a coup when Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva is in the U.S. and the red shirts rally to commemorate the 2006 coup and again protest Privy Councilor General Prem Tinsulanonda’s role in planning and implementing that coup.

The first statement we reported, which drew on widespread gossip about a coup, was from red shirt supporter General Chaisit Shinawatra. The second statement was from PAD’s Suriyasai Katasila and, in the same post, we reported the third statement by Democrat Party spokesman Buranaj Smutharaks.

Now Abhisit has commented (The Nation, 14 September 2009: “Thaksin planning violence to destroy govt, pad says”). He said “it was weird that coup speculation sprang up,” adding: “Actually, nobody should have talked about a coup again because they have been calling for democracy. Now, why has it changed into a call for a change through a coup?” True enough, and PPT was critical of this statement by Chaisit. But the premier is ignoring his own culpability in this matter.

For PPT it is weird that the prime minister should speculate about coup talk. Actually, he should not have talked about the red shirts and a coup when he has been predicting (and preparing to use) violence and implementing all kinds of measures to limit legal rights and narrow democracy. Now, why should he be critical of others? Why is he not critical of PAD? Why is he not critical of his own Buranaj? Another case of the prime minister’s double standards.



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