Royalists claim democracy is “undermined”

17 09 2009

Also available as  พวกคลั่งเจ้าตีโพยตีพายว่าประชาธิปไตย “ถูกทำลาย”

As the anniversary of the 19 September 2006 coup approaches and the red shirts claim to be determined to rally, conservative commentators like the thick-skinned Pornpimol Kanchanalak are worried that this is indicative of a phenomenon that will see the sky falling. All that is good is being undermined by grasping, self-serving politicians.

The Nation’s Suthichai Yoon (17 September 2009: “From delusion to loss of faith in ‘democracy’ “) frets that a “significant number of those who responded to [a recent] questionnaire are apparently growing disillusioned with the prevailing political system – and it doesn’t matter what you call it.” Suthichai doesn’t have a new take on this or ask why it is that so many are disillusioned except to blame politicians. This refrain is the current royalist chorus, as it was in 1992-97.

And, like all good royalists, he worries about unity: “The prevailing divisiveness could deteriorate into another round of open confrontation…”. Indeed, this “menacing scenario seems unavoidable…”. And  Suthichai laments that the “promise of democracy has turned into a free-for-all among the political vested interest groups rather than a process through which differences can be settled based on the rule of law and moral values. Instead of a campaign to raise the awareness of the public, we have witnessed the victory of money politics, a steady erosion of political ethics, tyranny of the majority, and mob rule.”

All of this is to oppose constitutional amendment by politicians, disparage them as potential representatives and to deny the value of elections. If this sounds familiar, thinl of PAD’s critiques of the Thaksin regime and electoral politics.

It is no surprise to see PAD suppporter Senator Rosana Tositrakul saying (Bangkok Post, 17 September 2009: ” ‘Self-serving’ charter changes draw fire”)that the “constitutional changes proposed by the Senate-House joint committee on national reconciliation and constitutional amendments were intended only to protect the interests of politicians in power.”

All of this makes Thitinan Pongsudhirak’s article worth considering (Bangkok Post, 16 September 2009: “Lessons from the tragedy of 1997 charter”).



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17 09 2009
พวกคลั่งเจ้าตีโพยตีพายว่าประชาธิปไตย “ถูกทำลาย” « Liberal Thai

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