Demanding respect

24 09 2009

For an update, see The Nation.

Monsters & Critics has a story from DPA (24 September 2009: “Thailand’s parliamentarians demand some respect”) that says that the Secretariat of the House of Representatives has issued an order that “all civil servants to show some respect to house representatives by wai-ing them – the traditional Thai palms-together greeting – and helping them more with their workload.”

Apparently the order  was issued because of “complaints from members of parliament that appointed officials showed little respect to their elected counterparts and were generally unhelpful…”.

PPT is not sure how to use this item. We could use it as the “joke of the week” posting or we could suggest that it is reflective of the declining status of the elected institution that results from not just coups and the neglect of election results, but the fact that real power is located elsewhere. Indeed, the bureaucracy itself has made something of a political comeback in recent years as electoral politics has been denigrated.



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