“Letters to Da” and radical friendship

30 09 2009

Prachatai has recently posted the next two letters (8 and 9) in the series of “จดหมายถึง ‘ดา’” (”Letters to ‘Da’”) organized by the Progressive Society Assembly (”สมัชชาสังคมก้าวหน้า”).

The author of Letter 8 explains that he writes not as a member of a fan club, but as a friend. What has forged their friendship for him is how she has pushed him to become more overtly involved in fighting for justice. He explains that he was moved by what she has done, which he characterizes as “sacrifice for the majority, for Thai people, including those you know and do not know, those you like and do not like, until finally you sacrifice for me and my family” (“เสียสละเพื่อคนส่วนใหญ่ คือเพื่อคนไทย ทั้งที่รู้และไม่รู้ ทั้งที่ชอบ และ ไม่ชอบ สุดท้ายคุณดาได้ทำเพื่อผมและ ครอบครัว”).

The “Letters to Da” (“จดหมายถึง ‘ดา’”) could also be retitled “Letters to Thai Society” (“จดหมายถึงสังคมไทย”).  The authors are writing to support Darunee, but they are also re-envisioning the kind of social and political relationships on which a (more) just society might be built.

Read both letters here: Prachatai, 25 September 2009, “ฉบับ 8-9: คุณทำให้ผมยืนหลังเตาแก๊สไม่ได้แล้ว – มาดูทะเลด้วยกัน”



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