Appointed senator defends Kasit

5 10 2009

Also available as ส.ว. สรรหา ออกรับหน้าแทนกษิต

The Senate that came with the military’s 2007 Constitution has 74 of 150 senators appointed from various sectors by the Senate Selection Committee. When it is seen that the selection committee is made up of The Committee is composed of the President of the Constitutional Court, the Chairman of the Election Commission, the Chairman of the State Audit Commission and two judges, it is no surprise that they are conservative and royalist. In addition, they are overwhelmingly anti-Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters.

It is no surprise that an appointed senator would be attacking opposition politician Chalerm Yubamrung. Chalerm made provocative comments about Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya and the statements he previously made about Cambodian leader Hun Sen and Cambodia.

MR Priyanandhana Rangsit, who is deputy chair of the Senate committee on foreign affairs, said: “It is really improper to attack someone with a matter of the past.” She also said “Kasit’s status had changed and he was now the Thai foreign affairs minister and no longer an activist affiliated with the PAD.”

This is an interesting if odd position to take. It is not one that PPT thinks the senator would apply to Thaksin.

Kasit’s position with PAD remains close and he has never publicly disassociated himself from PAD’s illegal actions in 2008.



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6 10 2009
ส.ว. สรรหา ออกรับหน้าแทนกษิต « Liberal Thai

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