Ji Ungpakorn on 6 October, 19 September, and the monarchy in politics

5 10 2009

Ji Ungpakorn, in exile in England since earlier this year, has posted a new article on his blog comparing the conditions and legacies of the 6 October 1976 massacre and the 19 September 2006 coup.

Ji argues that while there are important differences between the two events, “Both the 6th October and the 19th September were actions which destroyed Democracy because the conservative elites felt that “too much Democracy” would lead to “too much equality.”” Both events “claimed legitimacy from the King” and involved questioning of the monarchy.

PPT would add further that both events led to the heightened and deep criminalization of the mere mention, let alone serious questioning, of the monarchy. This signals that continued serious questioning is needed.

Read the entire article here: 5 October 2009, “Comparing the 6th October 1976 and the 19th September 2006”



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