Abhisit on corruption

7 10 2009

In what is becoming his standard public practice, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has stood back from corruption allegations against his ministers in order to protect his “Mr. Clean” image. When he does intervene, it is to use this image to protect his government.

In the Bangkok Post (7 October 2009: “PM vows to ‘get to the bottom’ of corruption claims”) Abhisit has stepped in to vow a full investigation of “irregularities in the purchase of medical equipment…”.

He’s done this before on the sufficiency economy projects and they seem to have been buried rather than investigated.

This time, however, he is not up against a hobbled opposition but the rural doctors’ society, who may prove harder to ignore and put off.

Abhisit has begun what looks like a cover-up by distancing the government from the alleged corruption when he says: “The government needs to find out what is happening on the ground.” He has also tried to paint a positive picture of the mass resignations of all of the health minister’s advisers, his assistant and secretary.

PPT readers might be interested in this article about the broader issues of corruption in the current coalition government and the similarities between Abhisit and Chuan Leekpai’s administrations of the past.



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8 10 2009
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