Election mode?

15 10 2009

For those readers who want to escape the breathlessness of royal reporting, 2Bangkok.com has a short post with the picture (below right).dem-sign

PPT saw a similar forest of Democrat Party signs in Bangkok when Sukhumbhand Paripatra the Democrat Party governor found that he and his efforts were largely unrecognized by the good citizens of the capital.

We now wonder whether the Democrat Party might be getting an early start on electioneering or whether a similar predicament faces Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, and he is not happy with his ratings. There have been larger billboards around for the Democrat Party and Abhisit, but we hadn’t noticed the campaign-like posters before this.

Update: A reader pointed out that we didn’t explain what the sign was about – in fact, 2Bangkok.com did this: “Signs praising the government have gone up around town. This one reads: I promise Thai children will study without tuition – Following the promise.. we do – The 15 years learning without tuition project.”

Abhisit’s word or promise might have to be considered suspect given his previous failures such as commitments made regarding lese majeste cases.



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