Using the monarchy against red shirts

18 10 2009

Also available as: อ้างสถาบัน ป้ายสีเสื้อแดง

The Nation (18 October 2009 “Reds up pressure on govt”) reported a much larger turnout for the red shirt rally in Bangkok. Even The Nation estimated that the protestors outnumbered the security forces. Some estimates from observers suggest 20,000. There were so many protestors that police had to allow them closer to Government House. The protesters want the government to proceed with processing of their petition to pardon Thaksin Shinawatra. Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, away from Bangkok making a TV commercial for the government’s Thai khemkaeng scheme that is riddled with corruption, called his buddy Panitan Watanayagorn if he would be able to get into his office at Government House on Monday. [Update: The Nation reports that some red shirts are now planning to deliver a letter to the ASEAN leaders in Hua Hin. Abhisit warns them about ISA. In another short report it is said that Abhisit thanked the red shirts for a peaceful rally.]

The Democrat Party seems rattled each time the red shirts rally. Bangkok MP Kowit Tharana “attacked the red shirts for staging a protest by blocking roads, damaging the confidence in the country, creating an atmosphere of terror and scaring away investors.” Where was Kowit during PAD’s record non-stop protest, their violence, their occupation of the airport and so on? Joining Prem Tinsulanonda, Kowit said red shirt leaders and “those pulling the strings behind the protests from abroad have given orders to destroy the country…”. And taking the link to the monarchy and palace further, Kowit further politicized the king’s illness by accusing the red shirts of disloyalty. He said “the red shirts had picked a bad time to stage their protests, as this is the time that all Thais should be demonstrating their loyalty to His Majesty the King and pray that he recover from his illness.” So who’s using the monarchy and the king’s health for political purposes?



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18 10 2009
อ้างสถาบัน ป้ายสีเสื้อแดง « Liberal Thai

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