Updates on Jitra Kotchadej and on the red shirt petition

22 10 2009

Jitra Kotchadej: Jitra was the subject of lese majeste accusations and action by her employer in 2008. A union activist and friend of Chotisak Onsoong, Jitra was fired by bosses at her clothing factory in August for appearing on a TV panel discussion wearing a T-shirt saying “Not standing is not a crime,” a reference to Chotisak’s on-going case. PPT does not know if she was charged. She has remained active in the Triumph International case of lockout and strikes. The latest update is from Prachatai (22 October 2009: “‘Try Arm’ underwear by the producers of Triumph”) and has photos of the some 200 workers sitting-in/occupying the Ministry of Labor in Bangkok and making underwear. Jitra is one of these workers and is a former president of the union and was the first worker sacked.

Red shirt petition: Readers will be interested in this English article by Smarn Lertwongrath, a former executive member of the People’s Power Party on the petition for a “royal pardon” for Thaksin Shinawatra. 2Bangkok.com has posted this and regularly provides summaries of the various red shirt publications.



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