14 October 1973 and 24 June 1932

28 10 2009

PPT recommends the 2Bangkok.com and its 28 October page to readers (scroll down to get to the story).

While it it is a couple of weeks late for the anniversary of 14 October 1973, this blog has a picture and a very short story on the 14 October memorial. The statement in the picture is that democracy was born for Thailand on 24 June 1932.

The plaque at the bottom of the picture  is, as far as PPT knows, a reproduction of one that is located in the Royal Plaza.

Rama 7_Hitler

Source: International News Photo via 2Bangkok.com

The link then is to a series of really fascinating pictures about the last days of the absolute monarchy and King Prajadhipok prior to his abdication, with that shown to the right here being one interesting example. THe text with the photo on 13 July 1934 says: “Berlin, Germany….. Two heads that bow as one, Herr Adolf Hitler, Dictator of Germany (left), bids bon voyage to King Prajadhipok of Siam, when the latter, accompanied by his queen, left Berlin following their extended visit to Germany’s capital. This modern ruling family does all its traveling by airplane, while in Europe, at least.”

There is also a link to an article from the Asia magazine, in November, 1932, regarding the overthrow of the absolute monarchy.



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