Prachatai on the witch hunt for health rumor scapegoats

3 11 2009

Prachatai (3 November 2009: “Translation posted after SET fell”) has an important post on the health rumor story – in which its Thai-language web board has been implicated. It includes a link to the original Bloomberg story that seems to have set things off and the bbb (Thiranan Vipuchanun) post to Prachatai’s web board. PPT won’t summarize the story here as it deserves reading in full.

PPT again points out that the search for scapegoats from 14 October is a red herring. We heard similar rumors soon after the king entered hospital, so even Bloomberg was behind the Thai-based rumor curve on this story.

Meanwhile, Bangkok Pundit asks an important question – how did the police get the details of  posts without going to the web board managers? It seems that the police now have the technical capacity or collaboration of others to allow them to monitor posts and emails. Based on that suspicion, PPT changed its advisory to readers a couple of weeks ago.

Update: Prachatai (3 November 2009: “Thai speech advocates question use of Computer Crimes Act vs two accused of stock manipulation”) has another post related to this story and reactions to the arrests.



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