RWB on health rumor arrests

5 11 2009

PPT readers will be interested in Reporters Without Borders on the health rumors case. RWB makes this call: “”We call for the charges against these three Internet users to be dismissed…. Such accusations are baseless and violate the right to report an economic event after it has taken place. Explaining that the stock exchange fall was linked to the king’s health harms neither the king nor national security.”

RWB states “Although it does not mention lèse-majesté (attacks on the monarchy), the Computers Crime Act 2007 punishes crimes that threaten national security and, under Thai law, lèse-majesté is a crime that threatens national security. To avoid being closed down, many Internet sector companies cooperate with the authorities and comply with all requests for information about individual Internet users. The supreme court has never issued a ruling on the Computers Crime Act.”

They add that “Around 55,000 websites are currently blocked in Thailand on suspicion of violating the lèse-majesté laws, while 34 people are currently being prosecuted on lèse-majesté charges.”




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