Emerging concerns about government repression

6 11 2009

The Malaysian Insider (5 November 2009: “Jitters over arrests of Thai ‘rumour’ trio”) has some information regarding emerging concerns regarding the Abhisit Vejjajiva government’s crackdown on media freedom.

This has been sparked by worries of the arrest of three people accused of spreading rumours about the health of the king. The government’s responses are said to have “raised eyebrows and sent jitters through the media.”

The jitters are said to have been expressed by the Bangkok Post, Supinya Klangnarong, a board member of the Thai Netizens Network, who said: “The Act’s intent was to combat online crime (but) it is being used for political purposes,” and by Sunai Phasuk, of Human Rights Watch, who said that “under the Act, all ISPs have to provide their traffic data to the government when asked — even without a court order.” Commenting on this state of affairs, Sunai said, “That, to me, is a very serious infringement of privacy and freedom of expression.”



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