Ji Ungpakorn on royalist frothing and fuming

10 11 2009

Yellow Shirt Royalist Froth at the Mouth and Fume at Taksin

Giles Ji Ungpakorn

[Yet again accused of lese majeste, PPT reproduces, in full, Ji Ungpakorn’s latest piece from his Red Siam blog (which is where the accusers claim the lese majeste appeared.]

Quite frankly, my feelings after reading Taksin’s interview with The Times was that he was prostrating himself unnecessarily in front of the Thai royal family and especially the nasty Crown Prince, whom Taksin sees as a shining light for the future. But Taksin is and always has been a royalist, so that was in keeping with his position. As one who wishes to see a republic in Thailand and an end to the corrupt and undemocratic practices of the royalists, I think that Taksin is trying to lead the Red Shirts into a nasty compromise.

Yet the total disregard for truth embodied in the Abhisit government and their semi-fascist PAD allies, means that an interview where Taksin grovels to the Royals can be distorted into “insulting the Monarchy”. The government have tried to block The Times interview transcript and have threatened the Thai media with lese majeste charges if they publish anything about the interview. No doubt this is so that Abhisit and his mates can tell lies without anyone being able to access the original transcript. A bunch of idiots have even made a complaint to the police, demanding that they charge Taksin and me with lese majeste. I am now starting to collect lese majeste accusations like people collect stamps. The only difference is that stamps are sometimes worth something. In the unlikely event that either of us were ever brought to trial in Thailand, the trial would be held in secret to complete the stitch-up. That is how Da Torpedo and Suwicha Takor got long jail sentences.

The Royalists are also frothing at the mouth like mad dogs over Taksin’s friendship with the rather unsavoury Cambodian PM, Hun Sen. What do they expect? The PAD and the Democrats started their anti-Cambodian campaign a few years back when they wanted to whip up ultra nationalist sentiment over an ancient Khmer temple, which clearly belongs to Cambodia. They didn’t give a damn about Cambodia. They just wanted another excuse to attack the Taksin government. No doubt they would love a war with Thailand’s neighbour, so long as none of them or their relatives had to go and die for a bunch of lies.

The present Thai government run by Oxford educated Abhisit and his cronies, and the Thai elite establishment, are instinctive liars and incompetent fools. They would be a joke if they weren’t so vicious and dangerous. That comes as no surprise. But what about the Thai intellectual establishment, the NGOs and the mainstream media? They will remain quite again or froth at the mouth along with their PAD friends. For them, they must believe that the King will live for ever. Therefore we can’t discuss the succession or perhaps a change to a democratic republic. For them we can’t live in peace with Cambodians either. Suriyasai and other PAD extremists think that Thailand is in danger of becoming a colony of Cambodia. What planet do they live on? But there is silence from the supposed educated sectors of Civil Society on this. Perhaps they are all brain-dead?

Don’t judge Thailand by the bunch of crooks that run the country. Don’t judge Thailand by the pseudo intellectuals who inhabit the universities and NGOs. There are millions of decent and principled citizens in the Red Shirt movement. Thailand will only become democratic and civilised if these ordinary folk take political power.



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11 11 2009

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