Thaksin, Cambodia, PAD and more

10 11 2009

[PPT has updated and moved the sections on new lese majeste charges to a new post]

With continuing debate over Thaksin Shinawatra’s Times interview, Thaksin in Cambodia and more, it is a big news day, so PPT can summarize.

Bangkok Pundit has links to Thaksin’s Cambodia trip. The Bangkok Post (10 November 2009: “Thaksin arrives in Cambodia”) reports on Thaksin’s arrival. Thaksin states: “I am not helping Cambodia to compete with Thailand. I will never do things to hurt my country no matter how badly I disagree with the government…”.

Responding to Thaksin’s appearance, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said the “government has already given instructions to begin seeking the extradition of Thaksin from Cambodia” and called on the Cambodian government to cooperate, threatening to “review the two countries’ extradition treaty if Cambodia fails to comply.” Again Abhisit blames the Cambodian government for the current crisis and complains of the criticism of the “Thai judicial system” (but see this on that same system).

As expected, the Thai cabinet had “agreed to cancel an oil and gas exploration deal with Cambodia that was signed during Thaksin’s time in power.” Are they infringing the 2007 Constitution by not consulting parliament? Given that it is the Democrat Party doing this, PPT would guess that they won’t be challenged except by the opposition. Cambodia disagrees.

The Bangkok Post (10 November 2009: “PAD to rally against Thaksin”) also reports that PAD are mobilizing again. They “will stage a major rally this Sunday to show its dissatisfaction with Thaksin Shinawatra’s interview with the online edition of The Times of London about the monarchy and Cambodia’s appointment of him as economic adviser…”.

PAD stated that their rally – presumably, without the ISA in place, for these are government supporters – “would send a message to the world community that Thai people were loyal to the monarchy and denounce Puea Thai Party chairman Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, Thaksin and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen for having trodden on the dignity and integrity of Thailand.”

Chamlong Srimuang “called for retired military officers to turn up at the rally to protect the monarchy.”

New Mandala has several posts regarding the Times interview with Thaksin (although we suspect a hoax on this one for the Not the Nation tone) but see here as well, Kasit Piromya on the same interview, and the prince.

Update 1: The Democrat Party-led Bangkok Metropolitan Administration has suspended its sister city relationship with Phnom Penh. Meanwhile, The Nation’s strident Sopon Onkgara has an unusal opinion piece claiming a Thai advantage in this dispute, saying Hun Sen is damaged and stating that Hun Sen is the one escalating confrontation.

Update 2: The Nation has an embedded video of Thaksin meeting Hun Sen, from Khmer television. Al Jazeera has a useful story on the Thaksin visit and interview.

Update 3: The war word is used in this story. Is the ruling elite prepared to go this far in their battle with the one they see as “evil”?



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