Extradition letters

11 11 2009

The Nation (12 November 2009: “A tale of two letters”) has published the Thai government’s letter requesting Thaksin Shinawatra’s arrest and extradition from Cambodia. It has also published the Cambodian government’s response. It asks readers to compare “Thailand’s formal, extremely polite extradition request for Thaksin Shinawatra is in sharp contrast with Cambodia’s blunt response.”

The Nation seems to have gained leaked letters for the Thai letter asks that the letter and matter be kept “strictly confidential.”

The Nation also neglects to explain the nature of extradition and the particular treaty. As readers will know, in the past, several countries with extradition treaties have refused requests. Thailand recently refused a U.S. request.

It is, however, outside normal diplomatic procedure for the Cambodians to have replied so emphatically without receiving a full and detailed request from the Thais. That would require the documentation the Thai letter says will be provided. In other words, the Thai letter does not constitute a complete request, but seeks “provisional arrest.”



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12 11 2009

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