13 11 2009

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PPT is interested in the way Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya has been speaking in recent days. We understand that Kasit has been under considerable pressure in dealing with the Thailand-Cambodia conflict. What is interesting is the comments Kasit made regarding an alleged Thai spy arrested in Cambodia and the link between his alleged actions and the Cambodian expulsion of the Thai First Secretary.

The alleged spy is said to have provided flight information of ex-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra and Cambodia’s  Hun Sen and provided that information to the Thai Embassy.

Kasit is reported to have cut short his participation in an APEC meeting in Singapore, claiming that “Cambodia’s arrest of a Thai engineer on spying charges is nothing more than intimidation with the intention to defame Thailand.” He is then said to have accused Thaksin “of using a helping hand from a neigbhouring country as a tool to overthrow the monarchy and the government.” Kasit added: “The only problem now is that Thaksinocracy is still alive…”.

This kind of attack – notably using the monarchy – is the language that Sondhi Limthongkul and the People’s Alliance for Democracy used in attacking Thailand in the period from 2005. As PPT has been pointing out, underpinned by the support of the palace and the military, when the “enemy” is Thaksin, PAD and the Democrat Party remain closely aligned.

Update: PPT has not seen any other confirmation of a report we found in the quirky blog Thai Intelligent News, which claims that the spy case in Cambodia was part of a Thai plot to assassinate Thaksin.

Such a plot is not unthinkable given the hatred of Thaksin amongst his powerful opponents and the fact that assassination is a part of Thailand’s political landscape. Think of the “influential people” who have been bumped off, the extra-judicial killings under Thaksin and several other governments, the attempts to assassinate Thaksin when he was in power, and the failed attempt on Sondhi’s life. Readers comments and links to other stories like this would be welcomed (email us by going here).



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13 11 2009
พันธมิตรอย่างคลั่งอีกแล้ว « Liberal Thai

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