Sulak on the monarchy and lese majeste

17 11 2009

Bangkok Pundit has a post well worth reading on an interview in Thai Post by Sulak Sivaraksa, a self-proclaimed monarchist charged with lese majeste. PPT won’t detail the interview here.

We  point out that Sulak’s opposition to Thaksin Shinawatra led him to odd conclusions regarding the application of lese majeste. It seems that hasn’t entirely changed – see his comments on the police taking up lese majeste cases just to bother the king. At the same time, he seems to have re-thought lese majeste (now wanting defamation to be used rather than lese majeste).

His suggestions for the reform of the monarchy must be troubling for many royalists – implicitly he is suggesting that the current monarchy is politicized and does not act as a proper constitutional monarchy (a point Thaksin also made in his Times interview).



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