That temple belongs to us

18 11 2009

A reader draws PPT’s attention to this story (19 November 2009: “Thai minister hopes to recover Cambodian temple”). Thailand’s Justice Minister  Pirapan Salirathavibhaga has told reporters that “Thailand hopes some day to prove its claim to a historic border temple [Preah Vihear] awarded to Cambodia by the World Court almost half a century ago…”.

Pirapan took foreign journalists on a tour of Srisaket and to the area of the temple. Apparently he said, “We respect the court ruling but hope to one day have the evidence to prove the temple itself is ours.” The report states that “Pirapan incorrectly claimed that the court ruled only that the temple itself belonged to Cambodia, but not the land it stands on.” It continues to cite the judgment as stating: “that the Temple of Preah Vihear was situated in territory under the sovereignty of Cambodia.”

The summary judgeship of the ICJ is here.

When asked “why Thailand was willing to fight over the disputed land near the temple,” the minister responded: “because it’s ours. Even if it is only one square inch, it is ours.”

That claim should keep the nationalist fires burning.



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