Prem abandoned?

30 11 2009

Also available as เปรมถูกปล่อยเกาะหรือ

Veera Prateepchaikul in the Bangkok Post (30 November 2009: “Pa Prem left by his ‘sons’ to fend for himself after attacks”) worries that Privy Council President, General Prem Tinsulanonda has been abandoned by a bunch of ingrates who are allowing him to be attacked by foul-mouthed politicians.

Prem, accused of being the “invisible hand” or the “extra-constitutional power” behind the political events since the 2006 coup. Some would argue that he has been fiddling the political agenda for a lot longer than this, PPT included.

Veera points to “Apiwant Wiriyachai, a senior Puea Thai MP and deputy House speaker” who is said to have broken an unwritten rule “when he donned a red shirt, stepped on to the podium of a red shirt rally held in Samut Prakan on Nov 20 and took the microphone to harangue Gen Prem with remarks … too offensive and totally unbecoming of the status of a deputy House speaker.” Apparently Apiwant spoke disparagingly of Prem’s sexual proclivities and his alleged desire to be treated like royalty.

Veera thinks that, as “a deputy House speaker [Apiwant] is a highly respectable position and … is supposed to behave properly and to speak in a civilised manner.” He says that: “Regrettably … Apiwant broke all the rules of decency. His unbecoming conduct has shamed the Puea Thai Party in particular and the House of Representatives in general.” He calls for him to step down, joining calls by Democrat Party politicians.

Just as bad, Veera refers to “retired general, Udom Kasetprom, former chief-of-staff of the Lop Buri-based special force, [who] was also reported to have harshly criticised Gen Prem and his ancestors in a red shirt rally held in Lop Buri on Friday. He blamed Gen Prem for being the root cause of the ongoing political crisis.” He infers that Udom and other generals who have gone over to the Peua Thai Party are being paid to join “dozens of retired generals [who have] … sought greener pastures with the party.”

Veera says that this “vicious criticism” is unlike to bother Prem, who “remains calm and is unlikely to retaliate.” But he complains that Prem is being left to deal with this by himself. He cites Prem’s aide Admiral Bannawit Kengrien, who asks “where have all his former ‘sons’ (military officers and civil servants who owe their promising careers to Gen Prem) gone these days…”?



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30 11 2009
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