The need to buy back “Protect the king”

6 12 2009

Also available as ไปซื้อ “Protect the king” กลับมาเสียนะ

How embarrassing. Bangkok Pundit was right and the government’s outspoken protectors of the monarchy blame officials for screwing up. At the end of a post on 5 December, PPT pointed out that Bangkok Pundit had pointed out that the government was getting excited about its Protect the King site being hacked. He pointed out a simpler explanation.

Now the government agrees (see Bangkok Post, 7 December 2009: “Official forgot to relist protecttheking site”). As suggested, the website expired and was taken over by someone else. No hacking. An investigation found that this was a “bureaucratic bungle” as a “parliamentary official did not renew the registration of the domain name allowing other users to take over the site.”

Who claimed hacking and who was going to track down the dastardly hackers? None other than PM’s Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey and acting government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn. Maybe they were protecting themselves of protectors of the king?

The site now shows a rudimentary finance page and “an illustration of a fairytale king instead of the website’s usual entry page.” It is said to be owned not by some Thaksin Shinawatra-loving red shirt but by “a Liverpool-based British businessman.”

Now the PM’s Office and the “subcommittee of a house panel on military affairs, which handles issues like lese majeste website suppression” are befuddled because they had wanted the site to be a pro-monarchy site that was also a “part of a crackdown on websites with content deemed insulting to the monarchy” by encouraging “citizens to register lese majeste complaints.”

Now they are telling the government to “buy back the domain name from the current owner or register the new domain name as”

PPT suggests that the self-proclaimed protectors of the monarchy – Panitan and Sathit – and not the lowly official should resign and enter the monkhood as penance for this heinous crime of losing a key element in the Abhisit government’s politically-charged fight against “traitors” and republicans.



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8 12 2009
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