The death of Ananda Mahidol

7 12 2009

On 5 December 2009, FACT posted an account of an interview with forensic scientist  Dr. Mark Benecke regarding the death of King Ananda Mahidol, which brought his younger brother to the throne. FACT says: “Unfortunately, we shall never know the truth.” If that is true, then it must be concluded that multiple governments and the palace have colluded to prevent the truth from being known. Obviously the reasons for this remain the subject of extensive but mostly private speculation.

A reader reminded us of this link to a Thai-language analysis.



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3 10 2010
Ananda Mahidol’s death « Political Prisoners in Thailand

[…] a scan of the chapter. Simpson was a British pathologist who investigated the Ananda Mahidol death. We had a brief post on the death once before, where the embedded link mentioned […]

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