Abhisit disrupted

14 12 2009

The Nation’s breaking news (14 December 2009: “PM’s human rights speech disrupted by laid-off workers”) has a very short report of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s “speech on human rights was cut short when laid-off workers stormed into the seminar venue Monday afternoon.” The women workers were some of those laid off several months ago by Triumph. See here, here and here for earlier posts. “The protesters said the government violated the human rights of the laid-off workers.”

The report states that the “prime minister was giving a speech on the government’s human rights protection and promotion.” PPT suspects that it was probably a short speech, but as we see more about it, we will post.

Update: It’s way worse than we could have imagined. Abhisit used his Human Rights Day speech to justify his government’s repression of human rights. Read it here and ask if George Orwell has been to Thailand. More on this later.



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15 12 2009
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