Following up on Abhisit disrupted

16 12 2009

A few days ago PPT posted on a short report concerning Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva’s “human rights” speech being interrupted by laid-off women workers from Triumph. See here, here and here for earlier posts on their actions, seeking justice from the company and from the state.

Prachatai (15 December 2009: “Triumph workers protest during Abhisit’s speech on human rights”) reports on the action, where the 10 workers “complained that the government had ignored their problems and police had abused their human rights.” They complained also that their rights to protest had been limited by the authorities. It is reported that during “one of their own rallies on 27 Aug, police employed a Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) to disperse the crowd. And later their leaders were issued arrest warrants for instigating unrest and blocking roads.”

After the speech, former Triumph workers approached Abhisit and “handed him their statement on the abuse of their human rights and the government’s inaction regarding their problems.” One of them stated that the government’s acting spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn “had promised them on 15 Sept to arrange a meeting between the Prime Minister and them on 7 Oct, but three months had passed already.” Panitan told the premier that “there had been a small problem about time.” Abhisit has apparently agreed to meet the workers at their demonstration site at the Ministry of Labour.

We’ll see. Abhisit has said all kinds of “nice” things before and not followed up.



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