Panlop on inevitable violence

1 01 2010
The reprehensible multiple human rights abuser, General Pallop Pinmanee, now with the Peua Thai Party, has joined the chorus suggesting a “final showdown” is virtually inevitable (The Nation, 1 January 2010).

Panlop is pushing for an amnesty for former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra as “the only way to prevent political violence…”. He argues that a political resolution depends on whether “both sides are willing to accept each other’s terms.” If not, he predicted violence “by April.”

He also warned the military against staging another coup. He said that his side wanted only “amnesty to Thaksin,” warning that “if this is not met by the other party, it [conflict] is not likely to end. And if it doesn’t end, I’m afraid things will inevitably turn violent when [red shirts] assemble around February…”.

He called for negotiations. However, Panlop pointed out that the “government appears to have shut the door on such attempts and refused to accept the conditions put forward by Pheu Thai in its offer for national reconciliation…”. He also urged the government to speed up the red shirt royal pardon request for Thaksin.

Panlop warned that red-shirt protesters would not again back down as they did during April’s Songkhran Uprising and he noted that the “recent donning of a military uniform by Privy Council President Prem Tinsulanonda resembled an incident prior to the September 2006 coup.”

PPT has been pointing out that the yellow-shirt alliance appears to be coming together and preparing for a “final showdown” and it appears that the aged generals and the red shirt right-wing are content to stir this pot.

A reader suggests that rather than inevitable violence, this strategy is brinksmanship on the two sides. If it is, it is remarkably dangerous.



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