Da Torpedo continues to suffer in prison

2 01 2010

According to a report posted on New Year’s Day by Prachatai, Da Torpedo’s dental problems have become more severe.  She is now suffering from a molar abscess. They reported that when she was visited on New Year’s Day by her brother, Kittichai, and members of the Palang Ruam Jai group, that Kittichai “was told by the prison’s Administrative Director that Daranee had been able to drink only milk, because she could not open her mouth wide or chew food normally.” He is now working for her to see a dentist outside the prison, as the prison authorities have been unable — or unwilling — to provide this needed service.

As anyone who has experienced an abscessed tooth before a root canal knows, the pain and discomfort are overwhelming.  Da Torpedo has experienced this pain for months — as the prison authorities have done nothing. Is an eighteen-year sentence for expressing her opinion not enough?

Read the entire Prachatai article here: New Year’s Day 2010, “Da Torpedo’s molar abscess needs treatment outside prison”



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