Preparing for unrest

6 01 2010 (5 January 2010) has an AFP report that has details on how the Abhisit Vejjajiva government is preparing for further anti-government protests and maybe more.

The cabinet has approved a 7.5-million-dollar budget for the army to buy new riot equipment…”. According to Prime Minister Abhisit, the funds will buy hundreds of thousands of rubber bullets as well as tear gas canisters, net launchers and body armour…”so that “security officials better prepared and better equipped”.

AFP says that it obtained a “classified army document “ that claimed “the equipment was necessary because the army predicted more protests in Bangkok and also in Thaksin [Shinawatra]‘s rural heartland in northeastern Thailand.

The army document stated that it “would buy 3,750 shields, 3,750 batons, 5,200 tear gas grenades and 260 launchers, 5,200 hand-held tear gas canisters, 487,500 rubber bullets and 130 net launchers…”.



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