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17 01 2010

When staunch royalist, anti-Thaksin activist, constitution drafter, behind-the-scenes PAD adviser, former security master and appointed minister Prasong Soonsiri is widely reported, he is usually saying something that needs to be considered (The Nation, 17 January 2010 ).

Prasong has added his voice to the increasing conservative and government chorus warning that “Thaksin Shinawatra and his supporters might try to lobby, pressure or strike deals with the Supreme Court to rule in his favour in the Bt76-billion assets-seizure case…”. Prasong makes the point that this is all wasted effort: they cannot succeed.

He doesn’t say it, but it seems the powers-that-be have made up their minds that this case is the critical outcome needed to finally bring down Thaksin and the red shirts.

Prasong said that even if Thaksin attempted to incite unrest and force the political situation to breaking point, he could not coerce judges into deciding for the defendant.” Prasong adds that following the judgement, Thaksin’s “assets are [to be] transferred to the state.” You sort of see that Prasong reckons the outcome is already decided.

There is considerable concern amongst the country’s ruling class that an adverse ruling will lead to accusations of double standards and then chaos and violence. Even so, they seem set in their task of destroying the foundations of the Thaksin regime (for the details, see PPT’s earlier post on Chirmsak’s civil war ).



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