Super sleuths at the Democrat Party

18 01 2010

The Democrat Party and their allies in the mainstream media are cranking out endless stories about red shirts planning chaos and linking this to the Thaksin Shinawatra assets case that will be decided (well, according to these reports, it’s already a done deal) in late February. For a detailed account of the case see Bangkok Pundit.

The Bangkok Post (18 January 2010) reports what “leading Democrat figures” have to say. The report makes these “leading figures” seem more than a tad slow, for everything they say has been said before.

They claim that their opponents “are planning major political upheaval with sabotage and attacks on royal-related institutions ahead of the [Thaksin] ruling…”. They have tracked down “four separate plots to stir up political conflict including political attacks led by Thaksin Shinawatra.”

Led by Democrat spokesman Buranaj Smutharaks, the Party’s seemingly dull “political strategy team,” claims the first target is the “Supreme Court and certain independent bodies. They believe that the red shirts will try to “discredit them for having double standards”.

The second target was identified as the Justice Ministry and the Office of His Majesty’s Principal Private Secretary over the lack of action on the Thaksin royal pardon. The third plot would involve an attempt to incite hatred against the Privy Council, the army and the government…” during the upcoming censure debate. Doctor Buranaj says the odious enemy will use “doctored information.”

The fourth plot is for Thaksin to take centre stage by using a neighbouring country as his base to launch political attacks on the Thai government”. Buranaj also predicted that Thaksin and his supporters would commit “acts of sabotage against the government.

As the Bangkok Post points out, the PAD/New Politics Party has come up with a similar analysis”. They might have also pointed to the similarities with Chirmsak’s civil war analysis of late December.

If PPT is not mistaken, the first of these PAD revelations was of the undeclared “Dubai Declaration,” breathlessly explained back at the end of November. That was a 5-point plan involving mayhem and murder. Nothing happened.

On the Democrat Party announcement now, we can only imagine that the Democrat Party strategy team has been on a long holiday break. After all, the red shirts have detailed most of the items the Democrats list as “plots” some days ago, in a press conference. Indeed, following the short demonstration against Privy Councilor Surayud Chulanont, they have held small rallies at the Forestry Department and the Office of the Privy Council.

It hardly takes much of a brains trust to figure out what the red shirts are doing. But it takes a “strategy team” to put it together into a statement that, sounding PAD-like, refers to “deadly plots.”

In fact, though, this is a part of a larger preparation for a coming “battle” that the Democrats and the mainstream media are gearing up for. This kind of propaganda is likely to be increasingly common as the red shirts continue to target the government and the Privy Council.



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